Adding bounce/elasticity?

Hey there!

I’m working on a little ‘scaler function’, and I’m almost done! :wink:
But I would to add some elasticity to the movement, but I’m not quite sure on how to apply it… Not that good at actionscripting… yet! :slight_smile:
Kinda make it bounce instead of just ‘easing’…!?

I hope you understand what I’m saying!? - any help would be nice! (see attached .fla)

heres a spring tutorial

Thanks for replying david! But I’ve been through that tutorial, and still I can’t find out on how to apply the effect to my ‘scaling’…! :frowning:

HEY - That did the trick… THX alot mate!

…really appreciate it! :beer:

Thank you Davidchang for the sample. I was playing with your sample and I realize that if a publish the file for Flash player 7 dosen’t work, any ideas why? and how can solve this problem ?

ThaX in Advance
Lobo :ogre:

ohhhhh i dont have mx2004… sorry can’t help you there

@Lobo, I think you have to define xp/yp as a Number().


Thank you scotty I will tryit :slight_smile: