Adding cookies on webpages for persistent dark mode.

Hello there! I hope in times like these, you’re safe.
I have been struggling to achieve persistence dark mode while navigating two pages. The page contents turn back to default color while from navigating from pages. I’m an absolute novice/beginner in javascript. This is my two page sample html
Could you please help me to add persistent dark mode among these two html pages.
Greatly appreciate this website, keep up the good work c:

You are not storing a value in sessionStorage or cookie. The value get reset after page refresh.

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Learn more about how to save and load cookies

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I would suggest localStorqge over sessionStorage, for localStorage persists your selection across multiple browser instances:

I will try to provide a longer answer this evening, but combining a storage solution with a JS check that sets a dark mode class at the root HTML layer might do the trick.