Adding easing: how to path to an instance

I’ve been trying to add an easing effect to the buttons of an XML generated menu, but among other things, have run into troubles referencing a particular textfield instance.

Basically, there is a button movieclip name “element” that has a linkage identifer (also called “element”) attached to it so that at run time the button is duplicated according to the number of nodes in the XML doc.
Now, I want to animate the menu text whenever the user rolls over any of the individual buttons.

The movieclip “element” itself contains a button that is made up of a background rectangle and the dynamic textfield (instance name “menuText”).
The “element” movieclip has been set for Button properties so there is button code placed on the clip that reads,

on (rollOver) {
function tweenTextForward() {
easeType = mx.transitions.easing.Elastic.easeOut;
var begin = xPos;
var end = xTarget;
var time = 0.70;
var mc = this.menuText;
textTween = new mx.transitions.Tween(mc, “_x”, easeType, begin, end, time, true);

[the global variables xPos and xTarget are given values elsewhere in the file]

The line that doesn’t work is the reference to the textfield:
“var mc = this.menuText;”
I’m not sure of how to refer back to the child of this current clip. The “element” clip doesn’t have an instance name just a linkage name (but I could give it one).
Anyone know how to refer correctly to the textfield within a child of this clip? It’s difficult to figure out an absolute path when the menu is created on the fly.