Adding External Description to Portfolio

What I have: A scrolling thumbnail portfolio page that is linked to external xml file so the client can add pictures as needed by adding to the xml file. (actionscript from within Flash is enclosed just in a .txt document, along with the .xml file)

What I need: To add a description to each image, so when you click on the thumbnail, it loads the larger picture, along with the description. I have a mc called description_txt where I would like the description to load for each image, but don’t know how to set it up to associate with each image. I have seen XML files that call to a different .txt document for each image, with the descriptions in it, but I’m not sure of the mechanics of it. . . how I should set up the .txt file, how I can call to it, and how to revise my actionscript to retrieve it.

If anyone has a minute to take a look at the attached code, and let me know if I’m not being clear, or if I need to attach any other files that matter.

Help is much appreciated! Took me awhile to get this far, but I’m learning. :slight_smile: