Adding Frames to Existing Flash Intro

[COLOR=navy]I am just learning flash 8. Any help on this will be most appreciated! I’ve labored with it for weeks now. :puzzle: [/COLOR]

[COLOR=navy]I have a pre-made flash intro. I have redone everything in the existing one. Now, I need to add more frames (I guess frames is the right word - I may mean Layers!). For example, it has frames saying “keyword 1”, keyword 2", and “company slogan”. I need to add several between “keyword 2” and “company slogan”. My friend I’m doing the intro for to put on their website wants to add more sayings before the end of the intro.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=navy]If I need to upload what I have so far somewhere for you to see I will and I can also put my swf file somewhere for you to download if needed.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=navy]Thank you very much! :thumb:[/COLOR]