Adding image data to the Photo Gallery?


The Kirupa Photo Gallery tutorial is great and I’ve used it to build a site…but I now need to try and get image data to display along with each photo ie. title etc.

Suggestions on how to do that? I’m thinking create another variable with each title in the same order as the appropriate photo variable and then using the index to move through each at the same time. But this seems just ugly and wish the tutorial had used an xml file…


Quite simple. :slight_smile:

… If I had charged for everytime I modify the Photo Gallery, I’d be rich by now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot Kode!


You’re welcome, fedaykin. :wink:

Finally got around to working on this again!

Thanks for the solution again kode but after looking at it using xml will just create too many problems for me given the amount of hacks i’ve already done too the embedded array method…

Is there a way to add titles using the original array method? I’ve been playing with it and can’t seem to get the titles to display. I am using loadMovie pulling from the array of Titles I created but that can’t be right…

Help please…