Adding link to button w/ movie clip

I am very new to flash so I’ll explain what I’ve done before I ask what My question is.
I created a button by combining a gradiant rectangle and text>convert to graphic>convert to button>dbl click on the now button>selected ‘Over’ state>convert to movie clip>added animation to ‘Over’ state>did the same with ‘Down’ state (using different animation).
All of this works fine but I am totally stumped as how to add a hyperlink to it. I know how to do it with just a simple image ie draw circle>convert to button>Actions>on (release) {
getURL(“”, “_self”);
>save>publish preview HTML
I think it might be where I am trying to add the hyperlink but I’m not sure.
I even tried going to ‘Scene 1’ selecting the whole thing and converting that to a botton and then adding the Actionscript as above but no joy to that either.
I would really appreciate any advice.
ps I have attched a swf of what I’ve done thus far.