Adding links to xml gallery

Hi guys.

I’m trying to modify Scotty’s fantastic resizable XML gallery to add links to it. I’ve read through similar posts on this forum and I’m confused on a couple of issues. Firstly, the xml file provided, which I am using, places all fields in “” marks, whilst all examples given on this forum don’t seem to do so. Is this a problem?

Perhaps more importantly, when i try, as recommended on similar posts, to place the link within CDATA tags the gallery stops showing any thumbnails, pictures or anything! I am confused. My XML file is as below, after editing the first image data to try and accomodate the link:

<gallery name="Holiday">
                <image source="pics/pic1.jpg" thumb="pics/th1.jpg" title="<![CDATA[<a href="">kirupa</a>]]>"/>
                <image source="pics/pic2.jpg" thumb="pics/th2.jpg" title="Party"/>
                <image source="pics/pic3.jpg" thumb="pics/th3.jpg" title="Bench"/>
                <image source="pics/pic4.jpg" thumb="pics/th4.jpg" title="Lights"/>
                <image source="pics/pic5.jpg" thumb="pics/th5.jpg" title="Agreement"/>
                <image source="pics/pic6.jpg" thumb="pics/th6.jpg" title="Landscape"/>