Adding Polls?

This mishgt sound a little dumb, and moght not even be possible, but is there a way to add an internet poll to a Flash animation? The thing is that I was tryin to build just the menu with Flash and it worked great, but now the problem is with the actual layout I did in html. So I was thinking that I should make the whole site in Flash, just make it nice and simple, so I wouldnt have to deal with html as much. Now onto the poll! I am using the poll that Bravenet has its pretty cool, but i cant figure out how to add it in Flash. It has javascript involved so I dont know if that might be the problem. Anyway, thank you so much, and i really hope its possible otherwise, bleh im suin the html people LOL

v.simular to what you want…ummmm should give u something to play with… :wink:…uestbook_/


Thanks! The link is working now, ill play arond with it :slight_smile: