Adding Scorm to a Flash eLearning app

Hi Guys, here goes - i’m sure this has come up before as scorm and OOP have been around long enough now but I can’t find anything out there :shock:

I’ve created a class based eLearning app that’s based around flash engine which draws in XML and generates all the non tracked and tracked pages dynamically from the external content (it’s multilingual and class template driven)

I now have to make it ‘Scorm compliant’

That is where i’m coming unstuck. I’ve only ever seen scorm apps as a physical file per tracked ‘page / SCO’
Where as I have literally a single swf and external xml, images, videos etc that are being drawn in at runtime.

Is there a way of setting up the manifest so that it can target the one active/engine swf file but I can send complete/score/inprogress etc data back for each ‘page’ that has been completed. I’m tracking all the completion, time and score data etc internally to the flash app but haven’t the first clue how to pass it out to Scorm so that data is recorded for each tracked page in each tracked module.

HELP please

regards, Rich