Adding sound

i’m [color=darkgreen]very[/color] new to flash. and i cant figure out how to add sound… i’m using fx pro. do you need to use actionscript or something?? i found some place that asks you to insert the htm or something… cant remember right now what it was for sure… but if someone could help me, i would really appreciate it! :ne:

import the sound into flash.
insert new layer.
place sound on new layer.

Importing an External Sound File
You cannot import any sound, it can only be certain file formats:
[]WAV (Windows only) (Macintosh only)
]MP3 (Windows or Macintosh)
[/list]If QuickTime 4 (or later) is installed on your system, you can also import these:
[]AIFF (Windows or Macintosh)
]Sound Designer II (Macintosh only)
[]Sound Only QuickTime Movies (Windows or Macintosh)
]Sun AU (Windows or Macintosh)
[]System 7 Sounds (Macintosh only)
]WAV (Windows or Macintosh)
[/list]To import a sound file into Flash go to either:

[indent]File > Import or

File > Import to Library

Browse to where your file is located.
Select a file and click: Open

[/indent]It does not matter which Import method you use as either way the file ends up in your library.

errr, i wouldn’t do this. it makes working with flash somewhat tedious and is much easier to put sounds into a movie clip instance. This way the sound can be controlled a lot better.

Best sound tutorial for flash there is :stuck_out_tongue:

wow. thanks for the quick responses. and thanks for all the help.

you rock my socks. >.<

I GOT IT! EEEEEE!! thanks so much!
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how do you do that?? also, i want to stop the sound at a certain spot… i’ve tried stopping it, but i get some greek letter in the frame and nothing happens. :-/

once you have imported your sound into flash, if you have it on the stage delete off the stage and do the following —> Insert -----> new simbol ----> movieclip and give it a name and then from your libary drag the sound into the empty movieclip. By adding another layer above your sound layer you can insert blank keyframes and use stop actions to stop your sound playng.

You should make buttons to control your sound clip to start, stop etc…

Read the flash help files, and search on google for flash tutorials.

thank you once again :evil2: