Adding text to objectDisplay images AS3 & XML

Hi there
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can anyone help with this?

I have a rotataing menu that is driven by xml images. the images all load in, but I would like to have a little text info at the left side of each image as it rotates.

I understand that you create dynamic text fields, which I have done in my fla that then somehow link you to the xml where the text info is read from, but how the AS3 script goes for this I do not know?

I would like the text to be fixed with the image and rotate by the side of images and not pop up like a tooltip

I am working with example files I received from soulwire, which contain displayObjects so I think it has to be done like that???

I am new to AS3 so I don’t really understand how it works, would anyone beable to direct me to somelinks on how to do this or be so kind as to take a look the example files I have uploaded.

see here for files:

I have also attached a jpg to show example of what I am trying to acheive.

I would be so great full for any help!

many thanks :hair: