Adding webcam functionality to MERN

Suppose I want to build a video journal website that enables users to record video directly from their webcam and upload it to their personal page. I’ve looked at React webcam libraries, but it seems quite restrictive and outdated. What other JS libraries or API’s could provide the functionality I’m looking for?

I’ve looked at different avenues, but I’m a beginner web developer so I’m not exactly sure what is allowed and isn’t.
Node.JS webcam library appear to be a solution, but if I’m using React as the front-end and Node.JS as the back-end, but use Node.Js webcam library as the front-end functionality, it would violate the core purpose of what Node.JS is intended for in my application, wouldn’t it?

Video JS, HTML 5, WebRTC seem to be the way to go, but they all appear to only provide streaming solutions from webcam or only enables adding and playing video content.
I’d really appreciate some guidance here. I’ve been diligently searching for a decent approach the past few days, but I’m sort of stuck at the moment.

Were you able to figure out an answer for this? This is a pretty popular question, and I would love to be educated on what a good solution would be :slight_smile:

Found it. Look up RecordRTC. One thing I’m still slightly hazy on is adding a replay functionality once a video blob has been generated from webcam stream. Maybe you have a suggestion for this.