Adios from Ontario

I’m in the process of moving to St. John’s Newfoundland. They’re packing up our stuff now, so I don’t know when my computer’s getting packed, so I thought I’d say goodbye because I know how much you guys’ll miss me for the next couple of weeks :wink:

They started packing this morning (Monday) and we move into a hotel here on Wednesday until Friday, and on Saturday in the early morning we fly out to Newfoundland, and then we’ve rented a house there while we get our new house repainted/refinished. We’re basically changing everything about it but the structure :slight_smile: If I can hop on tonight after work, I will, but its doubtful. Funny thing is my last shift is easily going to be the worst shift ever, too busy today.

See you guys around August 12th :slight_smile:

Bye Colin! Hope you survive the KirupaForum withdrawal!! :stuck_out_tongue:

See ya in a couple of weeks!

Enjoy your move dude.

Have fun CC! See ya when you return. :wink:

I think I should be fine, just bought an Xbox I’ve been working a ton of hours this year, its nice to have a lot of money in the pocket before you go and Halo, so my brothers and I are going to have some fun on co-op mode. Other than that, I heard there’s fishing out there :wink: :trout:

haha not many people would leave Ontario to newfoundland (i think), sure sounds fun though :slight_smile:

kicks dirt O no! Ontario lost another good one. lol

Good luck with everything!

Good riddance, you newfie! We don’t need traitors in our province. :m:

Just kidding, Newfoundland is awesome, have fun! :thumb: