Adobe Flex 2 Beta 1 now available

You can download Flex 2 Beta 1 (formerly Alpha stage) from

Or to learn more information go to

Beta 2 came out a number of days ago, so I thought that I would bump this thread.

Anyone know of any tutorials one can take on it?

I know they added a bunch of new video walk-throughs to a couple of days ago, might be a good place to start.

EDIT: here you go :slight_smile:

I don’t want to controdict my own post but, I’ve been following open lazlo for some months now and it looks like it potentially could destroy flew…it just lacks the exstensive UI components but that may change.

oh yeh its open source too so…its free :slight_smile:

openlazzo is slow, buggy and hard to maintain, we trailed it at work and it was rubbish compared to flex, and even pains me to say it but .net beat the *** off it aswell which I really hoped it wouldnt :frowning:

[sarcasm]hey that openlaszlo looks kewl… i wonder how much it cost?[/sarcasm]

Flex look really intersting …

i’m looking forward to use it when i get the time. I just finished a project i had to do for my uni degree. I used ASP.NET with some extra tools. It did the job, but it’s not that rich interface

Open laszlo looks intersting too

I’ve been using Flex for a while, and it is decent. It still feels a bit clunky compared to Eclipse or Visual Studio 2005 though. I will give it another shot after it goes final.

I’ve trying to run some sample apps designed in flex

like this one

however, all i get is blue screen with Done in the buttom of IE.
but nothing show up, anyone knows what’s the problem?

it works fine with Firefox though

lol :slight_smile: I think its good for what it is…remember its open source and they don’t actually get any direct revenue for it but I think IBM now sponsor them so it could all change, and I’ve noticed IBM have started to use it for some of their flash apps on their site.

Flex is good…actually its very good but its overpriced and is not developer friendly…I’d expect a developer edition like other very exspensive products like JRun and ColdFusion but theres no talk of this :frowning:

I believe that Flex is going head to head with something it can’t beat - AJAX, sure Flex has all the razzamatazz of its sleek looks etc but AJAX is a totally open ended framework, even Open Laszlo has embraced AJAX and now started to pioneer DHTML renderings of their apps.

Do I expect Flex to be around for another version?? I really don’t know, it all depends on the pricing of the product and what other products it requires to be a productive framework.

G sorry but I think your way off the mark man…

the flex framework is now free

there is no such thing as ajax IMO, it is the fancy name given to the XMLHttpRequest object by some marketing twat (IE5,, its been about for years, they call it ajax and go figure everyone starts waxing lyrical about it, it is not cross browser friendly in a lot of cases, over complicated and dosent even touch on what flex can offer… would a company choose ajax over .net or flex for an enterprise class application, lol not a chance and this is where they win hands down over ajax, and dont get me wrong, I use the prototype library a lot with rails, but its just not nice depending on it outside of my nice unit tested rails framework…

open lazzo is cool, I love opensource and back them up 100%, but when I tested it, it was slow and buggy and a no questions non starter…

Laszlo looks pretty ok. And they are getting a good show case:

Ziff Davis




And Flex will free until BETA version is over! im sure those guys they wont give something for free ever.

did you see:

Snap fish is from HP and they have 19 millons of users: Im not sure if Laszlo is buggy to support that kind of work. Maybe it was on early versions.

Flex builder wont be free, but the flex framework will be, this is all a lot of people will need to take advantage of the platform…

Nice Laszlo links BTW I may give that a second look!

yap the same old trick from microsoft with .net framework. But to realy take full advantage you need .net dev tools so flex will be the same.
Im happy that IBM support Laszlo developpment and take some market share from MACROADOBE is good for all.

absolutely, competition always brings out the best in any industry, if that is not the case the product will sink where it belongs and that will be that.