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Can someone tell me how to target the buttons to the Main frame of a web site? and how to make it a link? thx:)

Are you refering to a tutorial ?

pom :asian:

Do you mean to link to an iframe?

If your talking about a frameset then here is what you do.
In your flash button put this code:[AS]on (release) {
getURL (“products.htm”, “loading”);
Products.htm is the the location that you want your button to go and “loading” is the name of the frame. To name the frame just insert FRAME NAME=“loading” heres an example: <br><b>

^FRAME SRC=“main.htm” FRAME NAME=“loading”^
</b><br>(when using just replace the <b>^</b> with <b><</b> at the beginnning and <b>></b> at the end of the code. main.htm is the source of your homepage. If you want a working example of this just tell me:thumb: