Advanced 3d

Ive read all the tutorials for swift 3d on this site and a few others from other sites. what i was wondering was if someone could point me into the direction of being able to make (like a tutorial or something) objects like boxes and then animate them moving/opening kinda like on if so then that would be great,

not really advanced…but just draw it. literally.

ok well i dont mean to be a bother, but what do you mean by draw it? should i do this in flash or in swift? should i use the extrusion editor?

He means create the objects -
eg make a cube and proportion it to the required size of your box. Now create a lid to suit. (an L shaped extrusion lengethened to size, for example ) - align it to the top of the box. Align the pivot point of the lid to the side that you want to ‘hinge’ . Now animate that lid to make it open.