Advanced AS2 Coder needed


I am looking for an Advanced AS2 Coder working in Flash mx 2004 to help me develop a Flash app based on an ASP.Net Web service. I am just starting with Flash but I know what I am trying to build. Have several projects in the works so could be a long term part time relationship.
I can send some test code if you want a look at where I am STUCK.

I guess what mlk meant was it would make sense to post the part you are stuck.
if it’s top secret - tell us the problem
if it’s something commercial - feel free to pm me :wink:

Well there are a few problems, but the first is this :

I am trying to get a handle on the MovieClip "ce12" by dropping the "Dragger"

MovieClip on it. I intend to put this in but here is the test Code:

// Layer 1 : Frame 1
var mc:Cell = _root.attachMovie(“CellSymbol”,“ce12” , 0);

mc.init(200, 200);
trace("mc name : " + mc._name.toString);
//Dragger Layer code
onClipEvent(mouseDown) {
targetArray= new Array(“cat”, “dog”, “pig”, “ce12”);

// put mc on top
on(release) {

for (c=0;c< targetArray.length;c++) {
Trace("Array : "+targetArray[c])

if (this._droptarget == ("/" + String(targetArray[c]))) {
Trace(“String”+ “/” + String(targetArray[c]))

this._x = _root.MovieClip(targetArray[c])._x;
Trace("MovieClip : "+MovieClip(targetArray[c]))

this._y =_root._level(targetArray[c])._y
Trace("level : "+_level(targetArray[c]))
this._x = 150;
this._y =100;

I just wanted to add.
It may not be obvious, but I have many dynamically generated movieclips on the stage and I don’t know which one will be dropped on and I don’t want to write a 100 case [font=Courier New]switch[/font] statement.

Any Ideas?

ok, first:
why are you using the

("/" + String(targetArray[c]))

you are probably looking for




won’t work.
I guess you should try something like




use eval if you have a variable path
eval(variable1)._x //

Thank you I appreciate your quick feedback, McGiver!! You gave me what I needed to make it work :be:
I was using ("/" + String(targetArray[c])) because the code worked when I used “/c12” for the path string.

The original code was 

if (this._droptarget == “/c12”) {
this._x = _root.c12._x;

(this._parent[targetArray[c]]) doesn’t work.
("/" + [targetArray[c]])) Does work. :be:
and so does

   What does enclosing the array value in [] do? Does [] force the casting? 

What am I casting to? Am I casting to an object or a Movieclip in " this._x = _root.c12._x;"?

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

so the “/” is actually part of the name?!
I just wasn’t sure what you were trying to do with the slash thing.

the [] is makes flash read the code inside the brackets as a movieclip name.
_root[“hallo”] is the same as _root.hallo
_root[“mc”+i][“submc”+i] is read like _root.mc5.submc5
eval(""+i+".submc"+i) if you have a complete path

Actually, no the “/” is part of the path string. I got this from the Flash Help if we want to use _root[targetArray[c]] then we have to write something like
(eval(this._droptarget) == _root[targetArray[c]] ) but I don’t know why it doesn’t work with for instance “_root/someMC”

Thanks for explain on the “_root[“hallo”] is the same as _root.hallo” thing.
So why doesn’t _root.MovieClip(targetArray[c]) (which I think is more precise casting) work ??

Is the [someMc] just for object paths? Or does MovieClip(someMc) just not work?