Advanced buttons - button not controling movie clip correctly

Download my file

Note the button at the top called portfolio, on mouseover this button should loop through the “mouseover” label section, and when the user takes the mouse off of it it should continue to play through what it has started, and stop at the begining of the mouseover label

when the user clicks on the button it should play through the “trans” label (only once) and begin to loop at the label section “current”
when the user goes to another section, for example, clicks another button besides portfolio, the animation should stop on the label “visited”

my code for it to loop looks like this

(on the invisible button over the movie clip)

on (rollOver) {
on (release) {

(on the ending frame of each label section)

if (_parent.portfolioBtn_btn.onRollOver=true) {

it loops, but never stops looping when i take the mouse off of it, how come?

someone give me some help! :slight_smile: this is gonna be due in like 2 days, ive almost got it done!