Advanced Flash Sites

Hi. Does anyone know of a tutorial site that goes through several steps in order to create an advanced flash website? I mean, those really advanced sites in flash: is there any tutorial that explains how to make one, with all the graphics and everything? If you know the answer, a reply would be appreciated. If you don’t understand what I said, then just ask. :slight_smile:

I don’t believe there is a tutorial for that, In my opinion that is a comblination of experiance and talent. I think you have to start small to get experiance as you go along, especailly in the design aspect of it. I would definitly take a Web Design course if I were you or at the very least get a book on the subject. Hope this helps some…JesseH

you can get a Flash deconstructed book… the title is something like that. It goes through an entire web site in tutorial fashion. Also, you can go to, they have a real nice write up about a Pet site. The write up covers several MX solutions.

Thanks. I just don’t have enough motivation I think.
Last question. When on a site you see some fancy design in the background (with grids and pictures and stuff), are they usually made in programs like Photoshop and then imported into Flash?

I think he’s looking for a cool futuristic look kinda like http://www.2advanced and Like I said a site like that takes experiance + you want to have your own idenity, if he uses cookie cutters he’ll never get any better. Go to school for it or get a book on design, you can take shortcuts but you won’t get any better. go to that site above and see what I mean.

Yeah, that’s kinda like what I mean. Also, one of my schoolmates is good in flash and he has a project up at Oh well, I know what you mean by taking shortcuts. If I just go out on my own and experiment then something might happen. I’m just scared that I won’t be able to do anything I want.

Ok then, thanks everyone!:rambo:

kirupa is writing a tutorial of just that full flash site but it prob wont be up for a while

you guys are a trip :slight_smile: