Advanced Menu buttons

In this particular project I have a navigation wheel with 8 buttons. When a person rolls over one button two things happen: 1st the inner piece of the wheel has a default image that says “click a button to see what it is” changes to whatever button they are on ie: “this is the home button”. 2nd the button itself changes to a dark tint.

I am using a movie clip to control the buttons with a simply AS. One problem I am experiencing after making the 2nd button functional is that the 1st piece mentioned above is conflicting with the other buttons. IE: If i roll over home button it changes from “click a button to see what it is” to “this is the home button” but if I roll over the about button the tint works just the inner piece will remain saying “click a button to see what it is”

In each MC the inner piece and the tint changing is available. I think what I am asking for help with is: How can I accomplish my goal with the task I am trying to perform?