Advanced menu problem

i’ve got this menu (see end of this post) and i’ve got some problems with it. first i’ll tell you how my menu works…

there’s a main menu, this menu is always visible. the background of this menu has an alpha of 64%. when you click a button a submenu appears. this submenu has an alpha of 34%. i want the background of the button you clicked in the main menu to have an alpha of 34%. it’s something like but then with alpha too.

i hope i was clear about what i want, here is my file where i tried to achieve it. it’s called menu3.fla

all help is welcome

i take it your using mx2004?
no can help then…


yes i’m sorry, i’ll put a flash mx file online too… same directory, but its called menumx.fla

on the band button add in this as

	this._alpha = 34

and ensure fiddle with the backgrounds :wink: hope this is what you were after…


thanks for your help… this gave me an other view at my menu and now i’ve fixed it and used this._alpha = 34; if was so frustraded, i couldnt see the solution was that easy! thanks a lot!

:wink: lol not a problem mate, glad i could help!