Advanced Rollovers

Ok, Well I am creating a web page for Potter Road, and I would like to incorporate advanced rollover buttons. I went to the site: to try and help me out. It did IMMENSELY!! and I now have 6 buttons that all say one text, or three text etc… I want to know how to change it, and also how I can link it to a page or a different part of my web site. Also when I created it and tryed fitting it into a frame(I hate frames but it is a requirement for the project) I got a grey box with no buttons in it. Well any help is cool with me.


If you want individual buttons then you’ll need to go into the library and duplicate the original and make the changes to the new ones. They’re all the same now because you’re basically using the same instances of that one button.

As for the linking part, the next step would be this tutorial.

Well I can’t really make any link right now because I am having trouble with them showing up in my Web page. All I get is a greay box with nothing in it. Any suggestions on that?


could you post a link so I can see for myself? If the flash doesn’t load, you should see white boxes, but grey boxes are the first I’ve heard…

Site is not up yet because when I go into brinkster and load up all the links the main web page doesn’t view. I am getting really tiresome working on this. I am not a novice in making web pages only when it comes to incorporating flash into my site. Maybe you could hop on aim perhaps so we can talk more quickly?

Sorry, I’m at work right now so I can’t hop on aim. The only thing I can think of is to check all your file paths, make sure all the linkage is correct.

Ok, If I happen to get the web page up and working I will relay another post with the link to it. Thanks and hope I will be talking to you soon :evil: