Advanced video control in flash mx 2004

First of all as a new member i want to say hello to all kirupa members.
I had a spesific problem to solve within Flash MX 2004 with my basic action script knowlage. My problem is about controling videos in flash mx 2004.

First i need to make a main flash document to call the videos in.(in this main flash document i have a basic player window with play,pause,next and previous butons) Than i need to make the flash files containing the video data. I had the timecodes as seconds in a text file(seperated with comas “,”). The question is how could i use this timecodes as markers in the main flash document… The thing i want to do is when i press the next buton the video should go to the next time code in my text document.and same for the previous buton) could we use flash 2004 for such an action… Thank you for your help and intrests.