Advanced XML Reader/Slideshow email feature is driving me crazy

I love the functionality and I thought I was almost finished.

Until I started testing the Email to a friend functionality. I have stepped back all the way to the beginning changing only one thing at a time. And I have determined that as long as the line

var folderPath:String = “”; //Change to desired folder

stays the same, I receive my test email. The minute I change it to something else I get no email.

If I comment out & absolute path to images in the xml. no email is generated.

I tried using www just in case that was the kicker.

I looked at every response on the original thread and saw no one else mentioning this.

I even tried changing it to

var folderPath:String = “”;

I am pulling my hair out as I can not imagine what could be preventing another URL from working.

And yes I am testing it from a server, not locally.

This is the emailForm.php

$sendTo = $_POST["femail"];
$subject = $_POST["titleMessage"];
$headers = "From: " . $_POST["from"] . "<" . $_POST["from"] .">
$headers .= "Reply-To: " . $_POST["from"] . "
$headers .= "Return-path: " . $_POST["from"];
$message = "Hi, " . $_POST["fname"] . ",

$message .= $_POST["mess"] . ",

$message .= $_POST["currentSlide"];
mail($sendTo, $subject, $message, $headers);