ok this is where I have to hold up my hands and admit to knowing nothing about this but on some sites there are advertisements (sometimes quite large) for companies like Vodafone or Visa and I was wondering…how do you get those adverts on sites?

Do you visit Vodafones (just an example) site and download an advert or something or fo you ask them or do they ask you? How does it work?

Sorry I don’t know much about this, perhaps I should :frowning:

can you give me the link to this ‘vodafones’ you speak of?

advertiseing pays for web hosting bills:)

ehmmm…no you’re missing the point. (Directed at color_loser_pup)

Vodafone is just a mobile phone company, going back to my question it doesn’t really matter the company (for the moment) I’m just curious how you can get adverts/commercials on your site?

I’m not sure if large companies like vodafone have an advert section where you can you create an account and earn money directly. They probably use a third party advertising agency such as DoubleClick (for online stuff), Ogilvy, etc. who are in charge of their marketing.

If you click on the add, check the URL to see which company is actually redirecting you. More than likely, the link won’t be somethin that goes straight to vodafone. It’ll probably be something like [color=royalblue][/color]

I made the above URL up btw :slight_smile:

More than likely, if they don’t have a section on their site where you can earn money for referring people to the site, it’s highly likely that the use another company to handle it for them.

Thanks Kirupa, this leads to my next question

Is my best bet to contact one of these companies or hover over some of these ads til I find one pointed at the company itself and then dealing with them direct?

By the way do they charge you, can you charge them or is it a sort of amount of visitors you supply sort of thing :puzzled:

I have no idea, for I never tried either method :slight_smile: Logically, I think you would probably earn more if you dealt with the company directly as opposed to going through a reseller that may take a percentage of money away from you. You could try to contact the PR or Advertising departments of Vodafone (for example) to see if they can give you more info.

It depends on the type of advertising they offer. Some companies offer a flat-fee, some offer you money based on click-throughs, and some offer you a commission on any sales that they receive based on your referral (such as


You could just get a Google Adsense account. Keep in mind that if you’re only getting 20,000 unique visitors per year you’re not going to make jack.

i think most companies you approach with the idea of advertisting their stuff would like to know what you are about (your site content, the age group you attract, the type of people you attract to the site) and how much traffic you get through the place you wish to allocate the advert.

In the end they have to see something that would benefit them for you to be successful in getting this agreement.

Are you wanting the advertisements on your personal website or on a clients??

if its for say something like a Financial Adviser, get in contact with Accountants or solicitors, as they can get work from them.

maybe its not vodaphone or owt but it works for me. And you get a bit of cash from them.

thanks guys, some good tips in there :thumb: