Advice on Saving and Loading Data

I’m trying to create a Flash Movie that will need to load and store information. It’s my understanding that Flash cannot save data “.txt” files directly to a PC.

So Data must be stored on a Server. Can it be saved on a Server of an “Intranet” vs the “Internet”?

What tools or products are available to access data using MS Access, Sybase, Oracle, etc.



Use Shared Cookies through Flash and you can save data on the users computer that will be taken even after he erases his browser cache because flash saves it in its own player application folder!

hum… yes cookies but maybe somebody wants to make for example a top10 for a game … cookies won’t do then… :-\

Well I gave him an option, he said he needed to store and load user data, so I figured he didn’t need to be able to view that considering its unique for each user and unless he wants other users to be able to see others stored data then a database is of course the way to go!