Advice, please!

I have problems with pathing.

I am a beginner:s: , and I was asked to create an interactive map in flash!!!

I want to achieve a similar effect with the one used in yahoo maps, where u place your cursor on top of a location and when you click on it, displays/shows a window or box with the address details on it.

I created a button:eye: {I managed to recreate the box (in the ‘Down’ state) as it appears in yahoo}, but when I played the movie my box didn’t ‘stay up’ for long - only for the time I had my mouse clicked on the button actually.

I was adviced to use pathing, and make the box a movie clip. Then, using the on (release) command and _Root… to play the movie clip. But I got lost with scripting, and I don’t know why it is not working.

Have you got any ideas, please. :red: