Well tell me what i can do to these fuzzy creatures.
Please rate what this fuzzy could be.from 1 to 10

you want me to tell you what you can do to those fuzzy creatures… well I dont think what I WANT to tell you would be very nice :wink:

but I give them a 6.5 on the fuzzyness scale :slight_smile:

Why did you give them a 6.5 on the fuzzy scale?

And what could i do to them i wnt to make a game but what kind of game???

theres only 1 game and that is fuzzy shooter where u shoot the fuzzy things attacking from space lol :bounce: :bounce:

oh yeah and it more spiky than fuzzy it needs some single liness to give it a fuzzy effect

those fuzzy things are called ziggwats… pronounced… zig - whats