AE Battle poll - reposted

Ok, this was taken down temporarily and now put back up…

Please vote on your favourite text effect/manipulation between these two files done in After Effects…**note if you’ve already voted please don’t vote again, we’re going to reset the votes to how they were when they were taken down. Thanks, and Voetsjoeba, sorry, but if you could resticky this, that would be great :smiley: Or another mod, if you happen to see this.

**edit, also here’s a link to the battle thread if you’re interested:

aight, ive closed the poll, but ill keep the thread open in case people want to comment on the works submitted.

congrats to Sharif (aka The Reefster) for winning. :thumb:

congratulatuions sharif!

Thanks guys - this battle was like 2 months ago. Since it was like one of the only AE battles, I’m happy this thread is alive :).

lol, thanks for the mercy poll closing .soulty :wink: