anybody like AFI? They are my favorite band as of right now, however Sublime has and will always be my lifetime favorite. Opinions, thoughts, commentS?

afi :love:

hehe i wrote a blog entry about how much i love them :stuck_out_tongue: although sublime is good i find them more of a “relaxing” band i listen to them when i am worked up or something, when i need to calm down you know? AFI is just something i can listen to when i feel like listening to sweet sounds! seriously i have like 4 out of 12 songs or something taht are not afi (taproot and offspring) on my playlist. they just rock so much w00t.

edit: whats your fav song/album?

Sing the Sorrow is the best album

Death of seasons or the leaving song Part II ro …home is but nowhere are tied for best song…

My favorite album is Black Sails in The Sunset!!!

I love each and every song. The Leaving Song Part 2 video is incredible have you seen it yet?

All the hXc dancing is real and they flew a crew in from Philly I guess to do this. I guess the dancers couldn’t get into it listening to this song so they had to play real hXc music. hehe. I love AFI though.

what player do i need to watch that? any other formats like a .mov you can give me?

black snails in teh sunset is good from what i heard, i love the last kiss. but i think that StS is sick…

Black Sails not snails haha.

If you give me your AIM name MDIPI I can put it on my shoutcast server so you can listen to it…

The format is Real Player (.ram) I haven’t seen it in any other format. You can also see the video on much music.

Found it…

edit : That is a bad***** website.

Here is a better link to ALL their videos!!!

yeah man! i love AFI, they are one of my favorite bands too!

TLSP2 vid is sick! i gotta buy 10 of thier album!

read my blog about them:

and its not skinned yet so dont say anyting, i jsut set it up yesterday

told you…

see my blog entry?:stuck_out_tongue: i kinda changed the name but ohe well!

yea I read it. I agree totally with u!

Ok so maybe this comment isn’t needed but from the pictures I’ve seen of Davey Havoc (name?) iin Rolling Stone, he looks like a woman. I’ve never really heard any AFI so I have no opinion. All I know is that they are kind of punkish, maybe?

i donno…but watch the vid, thast one of their best songs. i dont listen to punk so i donno. me i am a metal, rap kinda guy, this band is an exeption though

Davey is very weird, I give you that and usually I am not much for that sorta type of people but he is an amazing singer/song writer! He is able to change his style every album.

so true. i couldnt belive the leaving song pt. II and the last kiss were by the same band. great great vocals on that guy. he has just this cool sound to him.