After Effects

ey all :slight_smile:

well well, i´ve just ordered Adobe After Effects, and i was wonderin
if all you guys in here have some links to tuts or any helpfull stuff :wink:

i dont mind reading a lot. cause i wanna learn it :D.

// -T4A-Flare

I would say, google and search.

I actually only came in to the thread to say “Wow, Coolio posts here!”

erm :smiley: didnt quite get the " wow, Coolio posts here! " thing?..

This is becoming d&d’s own ‘how to make a preloader’ thread…

Look at the first post of d&d; if im correct there’s a list of tuts. and if not there’s about a dozen threads with the same title as yours im sure…

lol…not many will know or remember who Coolio is Ethan…But I do. And I thought the same thing

thx mlk :O… i forgot to search first :frowning: erm… sry…

and the others… what´s all that bout Coolio and who he is stuff? :S

coolio =

May wanna change your name now…lol

erm :smiley: i get u now, didnt now about that at all :O…

some girl randomly called med Coolio sometimes, and i got stuck with it…

im gonna change it now though :S

Awe come on guys, you gotta remember “Gangsta’s Paradise”:slight_smile:

isn’t ‘too hot for you’ by coolio too ?

**** i gotta get rid of some mp3s…