Ahhh jane's addiction

how i love thee.

arf arf arf!



confused English person

  • Soul :s:

I just saw Janes Addiction last weekend at the WBCN River Rave… they were pretty good.

it is the first three “words” from one of their songs…

unless I am confusing them… I do that a lot…

my old fart brain has holes in it… especially from that particular period of my life (I was recently divorced, and drunk most days and nights)…



Nope, another confused English person over here. I don’t get it at all… :q:

jane’s addiction is a band:

didn’t one of their songs start off with dogs barking?

man in a box, maybe?


yeah it sounds like barking. i think it is.


that was a long time and lots of tequila ago…

no more tequila for Rev.

Rev sticks to Vodka now…



i like tequila the most because it doesn’t make my legs give out like gin does. i can’t dance when i’m drinking gin, my knees just feel like rubber. vodka is ok, but only when drinking with russians.

also, bailey’s isn’t too bad either. i used to be big on jack but recently i took a shot of it and almost hurled all over the kitchen. it was so gross.

jack was first, then tequila, ran by gin and rum, enjoyed them, but didnt stay long. Found potato vodka, fell in love, end of story… I now drink Ketel One on the rocks, with a squirt of fresh lime juice… goes down like water… don’t feel it the next day, as long as I drink plain water as well…

speaking of which, I hear my barstool calling…