AIM indicator

There are indicators you can integrate into HTML that tells people if you are logged into AIM, so now I’m trying to figure out how to integrate one into my Flash site. Does anyone have any ideas, or have you seen a tut on how to do this? Thanks all.

perhaps you could see if you’re online for yahoo, and then if you are link to aim?

Well yes I understand that much… have any clue how to ACTUALLY do that?

well for yahoo I know it’s possible, last time I needed this I tried to create a geocities account and have an iframe that linked to a page with just the button that said whether I was on or not… I didn’t let any adds or anything show through though so it was ok.

ok but how are you showing it in flash, I know how to do it in HTML, I’m talking about integrating it into flash.

ah, perhaps you could look at the image source by opening the file in php and doing some long hard work there? but that’d not be very logical, perhaps thers an easier way I haven’t thought of

try google