AirHockey game help

Well I am creating a air hockey game and I am just brainstorming on what I will need to do in order for the game to work…(getting to the point) I dont know the AS to move the puck accros the screen to hit the paddle and bounce back, also bounce of the walls. I also have no idea how I am going to increase the velocity of the puck when it is hit hard by the paddle. Same goes for the puck when it is hit softly. Please help. Thank You.

Good stuff. All that AI and angles would give me a headache!

My only comment (hopefully constructive!) is that rather than the puck coming to an abrupt stop when it touches the paddle (is that what they are called?!?!), is that it slows the puck speed instead - it seems to ‘stick’ to the paddle instead at the minute at speeds it would otherwise bounce off.