AJAX development

So… there are some of us who like interactivity and well… just plain HTML, xHTML w/ CSS just doesn’t cut it. So in my pursuit to find different ways of including interactivity into my web standard sites I’ve been doin lately. I was wondering if there is anyone who has some good resources for some AJAX or AJAX based scripts?

I’ve googled, however I get A LOT of junk, and quite frankly I don’t want to end up on 100th “o” of the google search b4 I find anything useful.

I’m aware of http://script.aculo.us/ and that’s about it :lol:

One script I’m looking specifically looking for ATM, is a script that allows you to makes appear on a current page w/o the use of an iframe, or a hidden DIV (I think) and w/o a page refresh. Any help is appriciated :wink: