Ajax & Flash not working together

Hello fellow Kirupians.

Right now I’m working on a site, which uses this script from Dynamic Drive:


It’s basically a script that works like iFrames or something like that, letting you load html pages into a div, and thus not reload the whole site when clicking on a link.

Everything seem to be going fine. I have no problems integrating flash elements… Or so I thought.
Flash swf’s won’t show up in the loaded page. Everything is fine on the “main” html page where the Dynamic Drive script resides and I have some other divs with flash content in them. But on the loaded page, it won’t show up. General html + css pages work like a charm.
If I preview the page itself - and not through the “main” page, the flash element is there and working fine.

Why is this happening? And what can I do to make it work?
Maybe it’s even a Flash Player 9 problem, and not a Ajax problem?

I hope you guys can help me out.