Ali G in da house ya'll


and enjoy :beam:

i love Ali G.!!!

Ali G is to entertainment what Ebola is to Humans.

me uncle jammal dun really ting so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

oh come on jubba, he is so funny!!

I don’t really know what is supposed to be funny about the guy… He’s a big poopoohead to me.


lol that is funny

You probably have to be English to really appreciate Ali G. :slight_smile:

And to know where Staines is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wes’side. [SIZE=1]Eilsoe, any chance of an Ali G smilie? Respec’, aiii? :)[/SIZE]

he’s on HBO sometimes after movies. hilarious!!!

I think Ali G is funny. To fully appreciate everything he says a knowledge of British culture and geography is necessary. pinx and I met a guy from Britain, and we had to listen real hard to understand him. Even though sometimes I don’t understand him he is till funny most of the time.

i think he asked us if we enjoyed our vacation or something. it sounded like gibberish for the most part.

Look, we English don’t talk funny, it’s you guys…

Ye the english have a great accent especially us yamyams and brummies

Yam know what i mean :slight_smile:

I have a very posh, Southern accent. :beam:

lol well u seen the english films, we are all post with our crumpets and tea :slight_smile:

yekshemesh hello

is Ali G realy born In England ?
I dont think so. so that means he is not english

Dos he talk cool ugly noob. english like me ?
Yes Like Dis ! LOL J/K

I like Ali G and I saw DA film. I think he is cool.

but he is stupid ! I dont know ? !
I dont think the english people like to see a english guy who is “playing” cool and “stupid”
------>>> " I heard in TV"<<<---------------------------------

but the film was 70% fuNNY!

[SIZE=20]MR.BEEN[/SIZE] IS THE ----! BEST !----

Ali G’s real name is Sacha Baron Cohen, and he was educated at Cambridge University. :slight_smile: His actual voice is very different to that of Mr G. :slight_smile:

The humour in him is that he comes from Staines (you have to be English to fully appreciate that bit), and is obviously a white guy trying to be cool and black and who also happens to be a bit on the dumb side. :slight_smile:

ali’s from kazahstan