Aliased text goes blurry after first frame

This has to be a common problem.

Put some static text in, and alias it.

Stretch your movie so it plays for a few frames.

When you play the movie, the text is crisp (aliased) in the first frame, but blurry in all the others. What’s up?

Note: sometimes putting the text on whole pixel x and y positions fixes the problem, but sometimes it doesn’t - and I shouldn’t have to put stuff on whole pixel values anyway.


try some dynamic text? static text just isnt as crisp compared to dynamic…but you probably already know this.

In MX that would be true - and exactly what I would do, but this problem is supposed to be fixed for MX04.

What’s weird about it is they way it happens (everything fine in the first frame, then blurry in every other frame).

Could people please tell me if they at least experience the same problem? I’m trying to figure out if it’s something I’m doing or if I should report it as a bug.

Thank you.

It really depends on how it is used. Post an FLA with proof.

i found that things related with the text in flash act pretty weird unless you understand whats going on with each option. there are lots of times where text changes unexpectedly while I preview and design…its weird to say the least.

You need to place ANY text that you don’t want blurred/smoothed at EVEN x/y values. If you have a text box that is located at 234.1 and 367.2 no matter what you do options-wise, it’s going to get fuzzy.

Instead, try placing it at something like 234.0 and 367.0…just round up/down to the nearest integer. You can also do this via ActionScript.

_root.myTextBox._x = Math.round(_root.myTextBox._x);
_root.myTextBox._y = Math.round(_root.myTextBox._y);

You could setup a for loop that rounds each of your text box x/y pairs to the closest integer.

It’s been like this in Flash since I can remember, but it’d be nice for some if Macromedia DOCUMENTED this anomaly.

if you use any of the system fonts the ones that have all the letters that are the same width, and you place the text on intergers, you never have this problem…the problem comes when flash redraws the screen containing non-system fonts, ie a frame change, and the text is moved slightly so it maintains its relationship with everything else on the stage. The problem is documented on the MM website…along with a better explaination. just do as newhopekenny suggested and Math.round() or Math.floor() the locations to correct the problem, it’s a workaround but it is transparent to the viewer and simple enough it doesn’t take much time or effort to maintain the look you want.

(mono-spaced fonts are the ones without spaces, system fonts are fonts installed on any given machine)

This happens even if the text’s coordinates remain the exact same…just make sure all text is on an even integer.

And I think MM could’ve put documentation about this IN THE SOFTWARE. Perhaps in the help file…or have a HUGE pop-up everytime you launch the program that says, “attention all: placing fonts anywhere but on even integers is going to make it get fuzzy. sorry it’s taken us almost a decade to fix, well, it’s actually still not fixed or taken care of. just deal with it.”

MM has a great history of adding/updating features and not informing the public about them, AND for keeping well-known errata almost entirely undocumented. Silly company, that’s like releasing a rehash of another competitors product, only getting rid of every great feature from it…ahem.

thanks for the correction I knew “system” wasn’t right…just couldn’t think of mono spaced.
And if you update your help file from the MM site, which the manual encourages, it is technically “in” the software :), however, as you said it is no excuse for the lack of a solution to the problem.

I have updated my help file, but I guess I really didn’t read it all that much. I hold to the idea that they should add an alert box that reads: "Hey, we’ve had this problem (or non-problem if you like program inconsistency) for years…just thought we’d let you know that if your text isn’t on an integer, it’s going to blur!