Alien Hominide!

Has anyone seen the flash game Alien Hominide? Its so awsome! The guy that made that is a genius!
thats the game!

yep, it was created by the owners of

edit: wow - i’m not very good at this game. hahaha

I’m tired of that game. Played it like 50 times, I couldn’t even get past the first level.

yeah that game is awesome… pretty tough though

The one thing I always found interesting from this guy though, are his drawings. I tried one of them with the brush tool…came out like crap.

It’s nice indeed, but way too hard.

They’re coming out with a console game-PS2, xbox, gamecube, don’t know which. Still in the works.

Console game? sweet!

I wouldn’t buy it. It’s not gonna be one of those fun console games. It’s gonna be one of those kiddy arcade kill-the-monster-with-my-plasma-ray-gun games. Thats what the guy said back when I used to go to NG…who knows now. I mean, how good can games get that are made by flash?

I love this game! Did you watch the videos on their site? The console game looks much better than the flash game. Still, i agree it would be better as an arcade game. You - and by you i mean ME, I could be alone - dont see a lot of good side scrollers for the newer systems… except for the PS2 version of Contra, which im in love with.

Its gonna be a Flash-made console game? :sigh:

No they redid it fomr the ground up for the consoles.
I can’t wait for it!

I wish I could make a console game. How in the world do people get to do these awesome things? F***in Chuck Norris.