All I'm getting, is 'object Element'

Hey guys,

A client is having me do some work with plotting hotels on Google Maps. All is well, but I want to return the number of hotel in the given bounds. The hotels are returned through XML via PHP. The XML format is as follows…

  <marker hid="2" name="A and A Hotel Florence" address="Via Tagliaferri, 40, 72018 San Michele Salentino, Brindisi (Puglia), Italy" lat="17.632141" lng="40.631351" type="hotel"/>
  <marker ..../>

Now, I retrieve the data with google’s xml parser…

var xml = GXml.parse(data);
var markers = xml.documentElement.getElementsByTagName("marker");
var numr=xml.documentElement.getElementsByTagName("num")[0];

I use a for loop with var xml, all goes well there.

I call the <num> from the xml with var numr… but all I get when I try sticking it in a DIV, is ‘object Element’.

All you javascript gurus are probably laughing at my, whateverr. C++ and PHP are my kind of thing, not silly javascript :to: