Almost done with my Portfolio. Minor Help?

Hey guys,

Hows it going? Ive been working on a portfolio site in flash for a little bit now and this is the second try at this. The first time everything was so unorganized and the action script was bad so I thought I’d start from scratch. So I started a new file with a new design. Everything is in place (buttons, design, type, and layout) but i am having difficulty linking buttons to scenes.

On my flash doc i have a menu of 3 buttons (portfolio, resume, contact) after the intro plays the buttons appear. I attached this script to the buttons (with appropriote scene title):

on (release) {gotoAndPlay(“Portfolio”,“1”);}

now when i click on a button in the swf, it takes me to the wrong scene where I clearly labeled the right scene. If i wanted to click on portfolio, it goes to resume, if i click on it again it goes to contact, then to portfolio, then back to the beginning of the whole file before the intro. Seems really weird but I think I am just missing something in the script being that I am not experienced with it.

Also on my portfolio page (when I get there) there is a submenu of buttons at the bottom, which is attached with:

on (release) {gotoAndPlay(frame#);}

if i click on a button more than once, it takes me to another frame which is strange to me.

Some of the things i have been explaining might seem incomprehensible, but if you take a look at the swf or flash file I think you will understand what I mean.

Is there anyone that can help? This is the last step before I go on a few interviews for a new job. I feel im so close, but the buttons are really frustrating me.

SK_Portfolio Flash

SK_Portfolio SWF

Thanks in advance!
-Steve Kuznicke