Alpha and Dynamic Text! Why won't it work?

Inside my main MC I have a layer with another MC contaning some dynamic text boxes. I have a button that when pressed will cause the main MC’s alpha to be 50%. Every thing in the main MC goes to 50% but the dynamic Text boxes. If I make the text static and embeded it works but I get bad lagfrom the embeded text. How do I get the alpha change to also affect the Dynamic Text??? Please help :-\

PS. I tried nameing the dynamic text MC and changing its alpha individualy(_root.mainMC.dynamictextMC._alpah = 50;) but that didin’t work either.

have you tried to make the dynamic text a symbol?

you can’t alpha text without being a symbol…


The text is a symbol already. It is a MC inside of a MC

I’m not sure if this helps, but what I do when I want to alpha any type of text is make it a graphic, then alpha…

I also will use a block of solid color graphic (same as the background color) in the next layer above the txt, and then motion tween to the correct alpha.


Dynamic text has to be ‘embeded’ for it to show up in any sort of effects like that.

Select the text, then at the bottem of the “text options” panel, select the type of embeding you want. You can chose the whole alphabet, or just lowercase, or whatever.

If I embed the text won’t that defeat the purpose of making it Dynamic in the first place. I thought having it embeded was the reason it caused it to lag. I’m using Upper case, lower case, numbers , and punctuation so I would have too embed all the outlines.

PS. Making the text dynamic didn’t seem to do much to reduce the lag any way. If you check out my site ( just click website in my profile) you will see I made the text dynamic, put it In a MC, then made the MC _visible = false; when the rest of the MC fades. Yet after all of this if you have more than one window open it still lags. How come I see sites like this where you can have 15 windows open befroe you see some lag?:-\

I think the reason yours is lagging, is because of how much animation you have going on at one time.

the site you pointed out has no animation in the background…

any motion tweens going on at the same time will cause the cpu to lag…

if you embed the fonts, it increases the size of the file, therefore creating more of a load on the cpu…

hope this helps,


hmm… I don’t believe that an increase in file size has any particular impact upon cpu performance… just download time. I could be wrong, but I’ve never seen that happen, or read that this was a processor issue.

As for the origional questioner… I don’t know of any way to fix that problem besides embeding the font.

The only thing that a larger file size will do to a cpu is tie up the processor while the file is downloading, therefore appearing to make the animation slow down, especially on an older cpu, or a dial-up.

Anyway, that was my train of thought…


Now that My text is dynamic if other users dosn’t have the font on there PC my text goes to default. This causes my site to look like crap because it is a fixed size font. How can I stop this from happening? How do you use dynamic text with a font nobody else has? I’ve been to other sites that use dynamic text font that I don’t have and it doesn’t default. :-\