Alpha channel is driving me NUTZ

I am trying to create a video with an alpha channel but with no luck.

First off I created a .tga file in PS, a single frame with a transparent background. Saved as 32 bit and imported into Flash with encode Alpha channel on. The result is a white background not alpha.

Downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro (30 day trial) and I have no idea how to create an Alpha channel with it. 4 hours straight in premiere and no luck although I have tried every ■■■■ thing I could.

Even if I just use the import to create the FLV and then include a component with a path to the FLV it is the same (as it should be I guess).

Cant find any tutes on Premiere pro on creating alpha channels and the help is confusing me.

I would have guessed that the PS option would have worked but no.

In Flash 8 I import the video with the encode alpha on and I place a graphic on another lower layer expecting to see the layer graphic with the imported tga graphic above it but I am close to smashing up my PC -

Please help

thanks very very very much to anyone who replies with some assitance.