[Alpha] Lawn mowing game

Im working on a new game. It’s pretty much based off a side mission I saw in the game Bully. Im not so sure about the name “Cut!” yet, but there aren’t alot of name choices I can use when all you do is Cut the grass.

But anyways, what do you guys think? Is it worth continuing?
And if it is, what type of things do you think I could do with it?

Right now there are only 9 levels and the how to play button doesnt go anywhere.

Use the up, down, and left arrow keys to move and steer. During each level you are given a certain percentage of the grass you must cut to pass the level. You are awarded points based on how much more you have cut then the goal, and if you run over the moles. Points are taken away if you cut the flowers.

Here is the link: