Alpha or _visible?

If I have a static movie clip on the stage that I don’t wan’t to display till later on in the movie, would setting it’s alpha level to 0 (or less) be more processor intensive than using the visible property to just hide the movie clip? Nothing is would be moving and there would be no alpha tweens or anything like that.

for the record, _visible is less intensive, but the difference is minimal. _visible is more of a toggle. In either case, you’re not going to take a big hit in performance.

Another note:

I believe on monitors with 16bit color you can still actually see the object if it is set to _alpha = 0

You cannot however see the object if it is _visible = false.

So… I recommend _visible = false :slight_smile:

And another note: :stuck_out_tongue:

If you ever want fade out the object… to make sure it’s not visible when its alpha is equal to 0, you can do something like this:
[AS]this._visible = this._alpha=someValue;[/AS]

lol, well he said no alpha fades this time, but thats a good tip for him in the future anyway :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s why I said if you ever want to:wink:


Great guys! Thanks for tips, pretty handy to know theese types of things…

:wink: =)