Hi, how can i set alpha property in flash mx without using the setproperty action. when i use setproperty action to change alpha value ,the graphic doesn’t animate.

have you searched the forum?


myMovie_mc.onRollOver = function () {
this._alpha = 50;
myMovie_mc.onRollOut = function () {
this._alpha = 100;

This will simply change the alpha of the movie clip (myMovie_mc). You can make it alpha fade animate if you create a function that incorporated speed of the transition :slight_smile:

Not sure if that is what you are trying to do or not ??


Hagel your reply doesn’t exactly answer my question but the code you’ve written will be helpful when i try to make a movie according to the code. i was trying to alpha an object without coding but at that time i didn’t know how to do it without AS but now i do . Your code is helpful too. Thankyou. :slight_smile: