Alter media controller layout...Help please


I am editing the graphics in a v2 mediaController component to the look I would like it to have. I am left with these questions however:

How do you control the placement of the items inside the controller .swc?
Such as the positioning of the Play button…

How can I change the look of the Play/Pause toggle button. As in where do the graphics come from?

I have tried just visually placing them, but the “play” and “gotoEnd” “gotoStart” buttons seem to get their relative position from some script…?

What I’m trying to do, is to get all items horizontally in line with each other.

Any help is greatly appreciated,



Unfortunatley I personally cannot help you as I am not to sure of what you are talking about but I am sure there are people on this forum that do but I would recomend posting your .fla usually that helps our members help you. just a thought :slight_smile:

Thanks VDaminator,

But posting the .fla shouldn’t make a difference in this case, as my question concerns the v2 MediaComponents provided with Flash MX 2004 Pro. So anyone who has this version of Flash and knows the Component, will have it on their machine anyway…

Have a nice day,