Alternate FONT colors in dataGrid

Im having some trouble finding any info on alternating the font colors in a datagrid component, i can alternate the background colours, but i’d like to alternate the font colors of the rows instead. Any idea?


Show me how you alternate the background colors?

Whopps! I read you question wrong . but cab you post your code here.

and tag it in [ as ] code here [ / as] without space

and as for btibia

/*The DataGrid class inherits from the List class, which inherits from the ScrollSelectList class. The default class-level style properties are defined on the ScrollSelectList class, which the Menu component and all List-based components extend. You can set new default style values on this class directly, and these new settings are reflected in all affected components.*/

_global.styles.ScrollSelectList.setStyle("backgroundColor", 0xFF00AA);
/*To set a style property on the DataGrid components only, you can create a new instance of CSSStyleDeclaration and store it in _global.styles.DataGrid.*/

import mx.styles.CSSStyleDeclaration;
if (_global.styles.DataGrid == undefined) {
    _global.styles.DataGrid = new CSSStyleDeclaration();
_global.styles.DataGrid.setStyle("backgroundColor", 0xFF00AA);
When you create a new class-level style declaration, you lose all default values provided by the ScrollSelectList declaration, including backgroundColor, which is required for supporting mouse events. To create a class-level style declaration and preserve defaults, use a loop to copy the old settings to the new declaration.

var source = _global.styles.ScrollSelectList;
var target = _global.styles.DataGrid;
for (var style in source) {
    target.setStyle(style, source.getStyle(style));
For more information about class-level styles, see Setting styles for a component class in Using ActionScript 2.0 Components.

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