Always On Top Windows

Well I’m sure most people could do just a good of a google as I can, and probably have their own solutions for this problem. But I remember in a rant Sen said he wanted something that could keep anything on top. I agreed at the time, very enthusiastically, inwardly.
Some time has passed and then the other night I was fed up with notepad being pushed under when I want to keep something simple right in front of me. I did a little searching, and found this:

It works fairly well and I like that it doesn’t mess with a lot of stuff and is really simple. I also downloaded another program, but didn’t even bother installing it as it was a trial (I hate trials) and seems like it had a lot of useless stuff (transparancy and stuff; all I want is to have stuff on top all the time! GOSH!)

If you guys have something better, let us all know, but I thought this could benifit anyone lacking in the always pinned windows dept.